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2017/11/17 14:18:22 source:lu futures author:anonymous

the emirates environmental group (eeg)-organized 21st annual edition of the can collection drive which was held on saturday, october 28 witnessed unprecedented community involvement. more than 200 uae entities including hotels, academic institutions, corporations, and households participated and collected more than 5.5 tonnes of aluminium cans for recycling.  

eeg has collected over 17.6 tonnes of aluminium cans for recycling so far this year. the scrap volume collected constitutes 63 per cent of the annual target of 28 tonnes set by the environmental group. as per chairperson of eeg, habiba al marashi’s update eeg has collected more than 300 tonnes of aluminium cans for recycling till date.

besides aluminium cans, eeg also encourages collection of used paper and plastic containers, glass bottles toners and scrap mobile phones for recycling. by organizing campaigns such as this one, eeg is constantly endeavouring to achieve the un sustainable development goals, it said in a statement.

“as the world’s leading metal packaging manufacturer, cans are our business. we are committed to using and promoting but also recycling our products and making the can the most sustainable package in the world,” anthony barnett, president of ball beverage packaging area, said.

in recent times, eeg has joined hands with the un environment programme to work together towards achieving the goals of their #beatpollution pledge for a cleaner, greener planet.

ball corporation was one of the official sponsors and del monte a co-sponsors for the can collection drive 2017.

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