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2017/11/17 9:29:31 source:lu futures author:anonymous

mike henry, minister of transport and mining, announced at a jis think tank yesterday that the new owner of alpart refinery will export 35,000 tonnes of alumina for the first time on december 5. jiuquan iron and steel company (jisco) will invest around us$3 billion over a period of three years for upgrading the 1.65-million tonnes per annum plant which it opened in june this year. mike henry said, “that is an exciting special economic zone development. they are going to build a new plant; they're going to dredge the kaiser port and intensify the shipments that leave from the port.” jisco is also planning to construct a second alumina plant with a capacity of 2 million tonnes per year. he added: “there's to be an aluminium foil factory, a stainless steel plant, an aluminium sheet plant, a welding rod plant. this should create hundreds of (employment) opportunities.” mike henry stated that the company will construct 230 megawatt lng power plant at its alpart refinery at a cost of us$500 million, reported jamaica observer.

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