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2017/11/17 10:20:42 source:lu futures author:anonymous

    the leading chinese calcined bauxite producer china mineral processing ltd (cmp) has announced the commencement of operations at its newly erected calcination plant in guizhou, south west china in november this year.

    despite ongoing environmental crackdowns and output reduction, the company has managed to receive all the governmental permits required to continue production at its plants in guizhou and tianjin.

    cmp is a wholly foreign owned enterprise (wfoe) operating in china since the early 1990s. the company was set up initially to take advantage of the low costs of processing minerals in china, mainly for export to the global market. over the years, it has emerged as the largest mineral processing company in asia to produce a wide range of specialized and customized refractories raw materials.

    cmp tianjin is cmp’s flagship processing and manufacturing plant that has traditionally concentrated on hard mineral processing (ie. crushing, grinding, sizing, packing, etc.) such as refrastar bauxite, rotary kiln bauxite, shaft kiln bauxite, reframul (a wide variety), calcined kaolin, flint clay, fluorspar, white fused alumina, and brown fused alumina.

    cmp’s newly constructed 80,000tpa bauxite calcination facility is equipped with rotary kiln and pressurized shaft. it will start operation in end of october or early november 2017, producing rotary bauxite lump between 85-90 per cent purity levels.

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