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2017/11/17 10:25:05 source:lu futures author:anonymous

ampco-pittsburgh corporation announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, union electric steel corporation, has won $4.4 million contract from zhongwang high precision aluminum industry, a chinese manufacturer of high-end aluminium flat-rolled products, for the delivery of rolls for new hot rolling mill installation. the shipments are likely to start in the first quarter of 2018.

rodney scagline, president of union electric steel, said, “the agreement adds another accredited, large new aluminium mill to our customer list. supplying the rolls needed for this new mill is an encouraging win for us, demonstrating our growing presence among major aluminum rolling mills around the world which require the most demanding, high-quality rolls.”

the supply agreement includes union electric �kers forged finishing work rolls and forged roughing work rolls.

zhongwang aluminum specializes in the casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, and finishing of heavy gauge aluminium plates and sheets for the transportation sector.

ampco-pittsburgh corporation is a producer of forged and cast rolls for the steel and aluminium industries, as well as ingot and open die forged products for the oil and gas, aluminium, and plastic extrusion industries.

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