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2017/11/17 11:05:37 source:lu futures author:anonymous

the institute of scrap recycling industries (isri) has celebrates america recycles day on november 15 by applauding all individuals who make a strong effort to recycle as part of daily life, and encouraging all to learn more about recycling and the industry. america recycles day, a national initiative of keep america beautiful is organized in order to promote and celebrate recycling in the u.s. 

“each year america recycles day offers us a reminder of the critical role recycling plays in the earth’s sustainability, including its impact on the environment, energy savings, and the economy,” said isri president robin wiener.

it is noteworthy that in 2016, u.s. recycling industry recycled more than 130 million metric tons of scrap metal, paper, plastic, glass, textiles, rubber, and electronics into specification grade commodities to be used as fresh material. the united states consumed about 70 per cent of the recycled commodities processed last year. the global scrap market also provides a useful outlet for the nation’s excess scrap supply. in 2016, the united states exported more than 37 million tons of scrap commodities, valued at usd 16.5 billion.

as for aluminium is concerned, in 2016, according to us geological survey report, aluminium recovered from purchased scrap in the united states was about 3.54 million tons, of which about 58% came from new (manufacturing) scrap and 42% from end-of-life scrap. aluminium recovered from old scrap was equivalent to about 31% of apparent consumption. the united states exported about 1million tonnes of aluminium scrap in 2016 valued at usd1.3 billion.

scrap exports have been making a positive contribution to us balance of trade amounting to more than $210 billion. other than that recycling facilities provide jobs all across the country.

“we encourage every person to use this day as a reminder of the importance of recycling and the need to make a concerted effort to properly recycle in their daily lives. each individual can make a significant difference by knowing what can and cannot be recycled in their community, and encouraging local officials to make policies that promote better recycling a top priority,” ms wiener added.

isri reiterated the fact that recycling conserves the country’s natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by significantly saving the amount of energy needed to produce a commodity from its ore.

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