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2017/11/17 13:29:34 source:lu futures author:anonymous

norsk hydro asa announced on tuesday that its fully owned subsidiary hydro energi as entered into a long-term contract with markbygden ett ab to supply power to company's aluminium plants.

markbygden ett ab, a swedish wind power company, will provide an annual baseload supply of 1.65 twh in the period from the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2039. hydro said that this agreement will commence after the existing long-term power contract with norwegian state utility statkraft expires in 2020. 

“markbygden ett ab is developing an onshore wind park located west of pite�, in the northern of sweden, and is owned by ge energy financial services and green investment group limited, part of macquarie group limited,” hydro said.

“the wind park is a part of the larger markbygden wind farm project developed by svevind which is planned to have 1101 wind turbines and produce around 10 twh annually when finalized.”

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